We must always take sides.
Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.
Elie Wiesel



  • Master in Psychology at Regensburg University focusing on intercultural development, organisational psychology as well as war trauma (PTSD)
  • Internships at a psychosomatic clinic
  • Internship at the GIZ (German development aid organisation) assisting in intercultural trainings
  • Language teacher at the Technical College Liège, Belgium
  • Field research in Egypt for my thesis on “Egyptian cultural standards seen from a German point of view”
  • Vocational training in Democracy and Peace at Hagen University, thesis on "Mainstreaming Peace-building in German Consulting Firms"
  • Jobs in a communal hospital, language school, the communal youth work and a health-food shop


  • Internship at GIZ in international personnel development.
  • Consultant at the GIZ office in Vietnam on “Improving Intercultural Understanding in Vietnam
  • Expert in conflict resolution, publishing several essays, e.g. “Hotline Services for Trafficked Women - An Overview Study” at the GIZ headquarters in Frankfurt.
  •  Manager for international strategic personnel planning at ICUnet, Passau


Project leader for “Weisst du wer ich bin?” (Do you know who I am?); a project on peaceful co-habitation in Germany launched by the three major religions to foster the interreligious dialogue in Germany and financed by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior.

  • Coordination of the participatory planning with public and religious partner, coordination of the evaluation with the Berghof Foundation for Peace Support
  • Fiscal planning and provision
  • Selection and managing of interns
  • Project presentation throughout Germany and within public and religious committees, conferences, venues and meetings
  • Planning and implementation of multiplier events, including stakeholder events in eleven German cities, teacher trainings, consulting, facilitation and training of stakeholders in inter-religious dialogue in Germany
  • Financial support for 120 interreligious initiatives in Germany; selection, consulting, and accompanying and evaluation
  • Publication of three manuals: Basic principles for the interreligious dialogue from a Jewish, Christian and Muslim point of view. Inter-religious project for youth and schools. The fostered initiatives – lessons learnt and best practices
  • Coordination of the project marketing (Flyer, website, T-shirts, etc.)
  • Public relations (interviews on radio and TV, press releases, etc.)


In 2008, consultant for the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ within the program "Diversity feels good". Responsible for five evaluations of the program as well as 18 projects on preventing anti-semitism.


  • Project leader of “Fit for diversity” at VIA Bayern (Bavarian Association for Intercultural Work) from 2009 to 2011. Development of an interreligious and anti-discrimination training program. Co-publication of the manual “Religion in Communal Integration Strategies” with Yvonne Szukitsch.
  •  Research associate at Ludwig Maximilian University Munich from 2011 to 2014 as part of the project DemoCredit. Working on quality management and concept development in the field of civic education.
  • Research associate setting up a network to foster the democratisation in Egypt within the project Leading Change Across the Mediterranean
  • German coordinator of the project European Power and Peace Exchange 2012 to 2014 for VIA Bayern. Exchange with Spanish, Austrian, Dutch and German intercultural trainers on empowerment.
  • Based on the above project, consortium leader of the “Can do Empowerment for Social Change” project together with South African and British partners and supported by Erasmus+


  • Advanced training in systemic organisational development with denkmodell, Berlin
  • Advanced training in body, resource and system-oriented trauma therapy (since 2014)
  • Public procurement and subsidy law, coach Berlin
  • Betzavta (Learning Democracy), CAP Munich
  • Augusto Boal (Theater of the Oppressed), Barbara Santos Berlin
  • Religious diversity and anti-discrimination training for adult educators, CEJI, Madrid.


English and French: fluent

Spanish, Arabic, Dutch and Turkish: good