The value of a culture

can be measured

how minorities are treated

Kurt Tucholsky



@ Hanno Langfelder

I am an expert in accompanying change -  to venture out, taking new approaches, being involved. My work is based on my advanced trainings in systemic organisational development at denkmodell, Berlin and body, resource and system oriented trauma therapy


I want to enable people to do what they can do to have an impact within their communities. This includes having a realistic feeling of their strengths as well as for professional methods such as strategic planning, facilitation, presentation, capacity building, network management, evaluation, etc.



  •  Consultant for 18 projects on preventing anti-semitism (project strategy, capacity development, project management, fundraising, etc.) German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ), one year, Berlin
  • Consultant for 120 interreligious initiatives in co-ordination with the responsible groups from the social sector (strategic planning, project management, fundraising, capacity building, methods of inter-religious dialogue, etc.) in three project “Weisst du wer ich bin?” (Do you know who I am?) funded by the German Ministry of the Interior, three years.
  • Consultant for a kindergarden and nursery school to foster their intercultural co-operation with the parents (analysis, participatory strategic planning, event management, facilitation of the steering committee, etc.), Münchner Bildungswerk (social education institute), two years
  • Consultant (analysis, strategic project planning, event management and reporting) to foster the intercultural understanding between Germans and Vietnamese, GIZ Vietnam, four months
  • Facilitator of the evaluation workshop, one day, project transcultural competence, peace circle Halle
  • Expertise on “Hotline Services for Trafficked Women - An Overview Study”, Sector Project against Trafficking in Women, (four months) GIZ, Frankfurt


Hotline Service for Trafficked Women - An Overview Study
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I am fascinated to support people in their personal development. My coaching work is based on systemic, resource and Gestalt-oriented approaches.




-         Coaching seminar for BMW executive managers and their partners travelling to Dubai (2 days), 2006 to 2007, Munich

-         Coaching seminar for BMW executive managers and their partners travelling to Belgium (2 days), 2006 to 20011, Munich

-         Coaching of parent associations and principals to foster the intercultural work with parents, (3 hours) several times a year, Munich Education Institute